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Big 4 Littlemoor, Weymouth, Dorset

We are very excited to be joining forces and Working In Partnership with Big 4 Littlemoor, a Weymouth based Lottery funded project. In 2019 we will be bringing all things Face Painting to residents of Littlemoor, Weymouth, here’s what we got up to in 2018 …. (link to follow)

Winton Carnival – A Magical Day To Remember

It all began with a crazy idea…

During the Diamond Faces Christmas meal, it was decided that, what if this year, instead of just face painting at Winton Carnival….why don’t we have a Diamond Faces Float in the parade? We could hire a lorry, create a theme, we would all be in it, dressed up with our faces painted, etc, etc. It would be loads of fun! That’s how it started…

At this point, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, the costs, how much planning and organising it was going to take. Oh boy….WE SOON DID..!! I took charge, but had so much support and ideas from the team. We decided on a general fancy dress theme that would show off our best face painting skills. We all dug out our old fancy dress outfits. I had a good rummage around my loft and found I had accumulated rather a lot over the years (in fact, probably enough to start my own fancy dress hire).  Now I needed some volunteers….. Our friends, neighbours, family members, all got roped in. They were great sports.  I was amazed at their enthusiasm and willingness to dress up and be painted.  Especially the husbands who were dragged along. Chris even shaved his whole head so that we could paint him as a Minion.  What an absolute superstar.  We ended up with: A six foot Minion, the Queen of Hearts, Wonder Woman, a Wizard, a Red Indian Squaw, a Cupcake, a Vampire, a Skeleton, four Pirates, a Gothic Fairy, a Flamenco Dancer, Spiderman, Captain America, a Mermaid, an AFC Bournemouth Football Player, a Jester, Minnie Mouse, two Princesses, four Fairies, Tinkabell and a very tiny Peter Pan (which produced lots of “Awwwws” and “Ahhhhhhs” from the crowd). And best of all was Medusa, with a wig of snakes, a full length purple, velvet cloak and painted with a giant, green serpent wrapped around her throat and bursting out of her forehead. This produced many “Woahs” and “Wows” from the on lookers.

Despite the awful weather predictions, during the week running up to the carnival, of torrential rain and thunderstorms, by some miracle, when the day arrived, it was blazing sunshine, bright blue, clear skies……someone had heard my prayers. Thank you Lord.

The Team arrived early at Winton Recreation Ground at 8am.  We pitched up the event tents, set up our tables and chairs, got our paints ready just in time for the volunteers arriving. We had no less than twenty nine people to paint in less than forty five minutes….we worked fast. Our paint brushes were on fire…!!

The most stressful part was, once everyone was painted and ready to go, finding our way through the maze of one-way streets in the back roads of Winton to the start of the carnival. To add to these difficulties, half the roads were closed off by this time. It was rather chaotic and un-organised but we did make it there in the end.

The streets were packed with happy crowds of people who had gathered to watch the parade. We received so many compliments from on lookers. This made our efforts all worth while. The atmosphere was terrific. The music, the people, the laughter and with the sun shining down on us the whole way……it was simply magical.  And then it was over. It seemed to have gone by in a flash. Before we knew it, we were back at the Rec.

The volunteers could now go off and enjoy all the entertainment of the fairground, the giant inflatables, the many food and drink stalls, the music and dancing on the stage and everything else the carnival had to offer.

The face painters rolled up their sleeves, paint brushes, sponges, paint and glitter at the ready, to create magical, mini masterpieces on all the children for the rest of the day.  What a great team we are!

by Cresta

Bournemouth International Food & Drink Festival 20th-29th June 2014

The Diamond Faces Team are very excited to be taking part in The International Bournemouth Food & Drink Festival in June 2014. In preparation for this we painted four lovely local children Guy, Measha, Lexi and Lewis as national flags. We had lots of fun with the painting and the photo shoot. Thank you to Kyle Waller & Will Clarke for their photography and to Face Painters Jo, Chlo, Gemma and Lisa.

Food Festival goers of all ages can add colour and sparkle to their faces & bodies courtesy of The Diamond Faces Team of professional face painters. Whether you fancy your national flag, a food inspired design or a traditional tiger or princess face we will be ready to add fun to your face and to your day. With so much to see, do and taste throughout the day, be sure to visit them for Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos to top off your Festival experience.


Hello and Welcome

Hi there,

Wow, what a bumper year! Celebrating my 20 years of face painting anniversary is the cherry on the cake. We have had a great summer, Halloween, training and now being part of the brand new Christmas Gardens of Light festival in Bournemouth.

The team have been working hard and must have painted 100s if not 1000s of faces this year. A big thank you to all of our customers. We are really looking forward to next year with brilliant events already in the diary.

Do come and say hi throughout Christmas. You can keep up to speed on our Facebook page or simply get in touch, can we add colour to your event? Tel: 07930 471821.

Ronnie xx.

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